Disable Some Special Key and Keyboard Test

 KeyBoard Test and KeyTweak Software

KeyTweak is a simple utility that allows users to redefine their keyboard input signals. The functionality is made possible by a registry value first documented in Windows 2000 and still works on all operating systems, including Windows 10.

User warnings help ensure Ctrl-Alt-Delete sequence is maintained. KeyTweak is no longer being developed or supported, and we tested it successfully on Windows 10.

  • Simple interface
  • Ability to Teach remapping by pressing the keys to be remapped
  • Easy-to-read lists of all current and pending re-mappings
  • Implementation of Specialty Keys support for certain keyboards
  • Remove all re-mappings with a single button
  • Enable/disable annoying keys
  • Displays what exactly is written to the Scan code Map registry value and how to
         interpret its binary data

    Keytest x64 Download latest version; Press below download bottom,

           Keytest      Download

    KeyTweak x64 Download latest version; Press below download bottom,

          KeyTweak(disable special key)     Downlaoad 


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